14 JUL


It was difficult leaving my daughter and mother behind, was just a tad more than a month since she’d had a stroke. And despite my willingness to cancel the trip my family somewhat insisted that I go. So I did, but not after the duration was shortened from 8 to 3 weeks. Its testament to mums selflessness! If it wasn’t a trip where the main objective was to connect with family then I would’ve cancelled 100%.

The flight to Singapore was reasonably cruisy and uneventful. We tried our darnedest to get access to WiFi during the short 2hr stopover but it wasn’t to be. It was exciting being in another country, even if it was just in the airport.

During the 8hr flight to Milan I’d hustled my way into the 3 center front row of seats. A whole row to myself but, unfortunately the arm rests didn’t retract. Still managed to get 6hrs sleep. And managed to watch the movie Divergent and a heap of Big Bang Theory episodes. Had all 3 TV screens running. One screen had aircraft flight path displayed, 2nd had movies playing and the 3rd was being used to scan through random menus, felt right at home. It seemed like Rohan had a reasonable sleep, thanks to mothers little helper.