22 JUL


After a quick breakfast and coffee at Mano Hotel Rohan and I stocked up with supplies at the local fruit n veg market. This was a different side to Sarandë, the local stalls holders were always so appreciative to hear foreigners try to speak Albanian with them.

We caught a bus to Ksamil beach. Probably Albania’s best kept secret really. Rather underdeveloped, a small Island sat 200 meters from the shore. And there was real sand with few rocks. Several boats lined the shore, a couple floating pontoons around to lay on and old rickety rusty banana lounges to bake on.

We met a young Dutch couple. The woman was absolutely stunning stunning (yes I said it twice) stunning. All four of us had the most engaging time together talking, relaxing, swimming and drinking. The view was delightful, the water crystal clear, with random sharp rocks further out. I happened to bump into the Mango Club DJ there who was scoping out the place for a party. On a winner idea I thought.

After a few hours of soaking up the chill, we headed back to the bus stop by foot through dirt roads. The bus was 30 minutes away, so we sat to eat (a lot of) freshly made baklava at a local sweets shop. Again the locals were warm and engaging. Rohan struggled telling the shop keeper their sweets were beautiful, rather he was telling the embarrassed and blushing ladies that ‘they’ were beautiful instead. Nice move cuz, as we got extra helpings for his accidental compliments. After finishing our coffees I entertained my self with some Vallja (dancing) with the locals until we caught a return bus trip. It was still incredibly hot.

Once back in Sarandë we met Christopher (Mano Hotel owner) and took him to dinner back to the Limone seafood restaurant as a gesture of thanks for looking after us.

We had an early night, we were done, toasted, cactus, spent – we had an even bigger day of travel to look forward to the next morning.