Woke up at 7am, went for a short walk with Meco. Voskop smelt of toiled earth. Came back and ate brekky with Gurali, he told me that my grandfather Xhafer had a sister named Barize. Soon after I met her descendents Bjar and Flutur who lived several houses away. We chatted whilst I extended the family tree.

It was sadly time to go for the last time. I felt joy and sadness. Meeting my relatives in Voskop was such a warm experience. We left by taxi to Korce, Amirildo, Xhoni and Bora in toe.

Once in Korce we met Husen, Mario and Dorian for coffee. They were very gentle mannered lads, just like their grandad Husen. Everyone left and I was there with just Bora and Husen. They took me to meet Kleva and her daughter Viola at her office, they left, Kleva, Viola and I then went for another coffee and bit of a debrief on the situation with restoring the Voskop house.

After that I walked to Dion Travel, had yet another coffee with Bashkim across the road. Then to lunch with Alket (Aleks), Anisa and Bashkim – Serif also turned up bit later. We talked about starting a NFP organization to enable connections between both countries.

Went to Musaka St to meet up with the taxi. Lume was their also. My taxi drivers were Genci and Lirijon again, my trusty drivers. Migena’s 2 kids were also coming for the ride to Tirana.

It was a easy drive back. This time the Tirana tunnel bypass was opened, which cut much time off our long journey. The kids traveled well.

Using mobiles we co-ordinated to meet Jurgen and Fatjon on the road somewhere 10min from their house. We said our goodbyes Genci, Lirijon and kids and I continued on with the boys to meet Asim and Halim at their co-joined family homes.A warm greeting it was, they had been at airport when I arrived but we didnt spend time with each other until now. Was great to finally meet my cousins.

It was incredibly hot and humid in Tirana. I immediately took a long cold shower. Oddly enough as soon as I had finished we walked straight to a wedding Vallja (dance) nearby. I was now sweaty again and tired. The DJ played music sooo distorted and loud. A baby was paraded 5ft from speakers, I was dumb founded, OHS!!

As welcoming as everyone was I just wanted to rest to be honest. Halim and Meli endearingly danced together whilst Jurgen and I chatted. I was finally unwinding.

Eventually went home and straight to bed. It was still startlingly humid, I tried to wake boys to turn on fan. There were mozis everywhere. Finally found the switch in the dark and turned fan on full blast toward me, no more mozis, finally cooled down and fell into a deep sleep.