This family history has been documented in an attempt to pass on to future generations an information map of all our collective families, before some of the lineages are lost to time and distance.

Also to help the current generation gain a framework of understanding for relationships that exist across time and place after emigration to Australia commenced out of Eastern Europe; with a frame of reference being the patriarchal lineage traced as far back as Ibrahim Musaka (Albania) and Shamak Suleymanovski (Yugoslavia).

From the authors perspective the creation of the family lines contained within were centered around the branches forming the family union of Abdyl Halim Jaffers (Musaka) & Kimet Samakovski (Suleymanovski).

It is hoped that current and future tech savvy generations may continue extending and adding family information and images to create a richer historical experience for all to enjoy.

Wherever possible the author has moved up selected family lines wherever information was readily accessible. Hopefully further family lines will be included.