This page contains an index of all the places in the database, sorted by their title. Clicking on a place’s title will take you to that place’s page.

Letter Name State/ Province Country Latitude Longitude
B Biloela, Queensland, Australia Queensland Australia 24°23'40.39"S 150°30'33.01"E
  Bitola, Macedonia, Yugoslavia Macedonia Yugoslavia 41°02'01.63"N 21°19'55.26"E
  Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia Queensland Australia 24°51'58.85"S 152°20'55.30"E
C Coburg, Victoria, Australia Victoria Australia 37°44'28.30"S 144°58'00.47"E
H Hobart, Tasmania, Australia Tasmania Australia 42°52'55.20"S 147°19'51.41"E
K Kanatlarci, Harare, Yugoslavia Harare Yugoslavia 41°12'37.84"N 21°30'05.51"E
  Korce, Rrethi i Korçës, Albania Rrethi i Korçës Albania 40°36'58.68"N 20°46'38.56"E
M Mackay, Queensland, Australia Queensland Australia 21°09'17.27"S 149°10'42.10"E
P Preston, Victoria, Australia Victoria Australia 37°44'20.45"S 145°00'41.97"E
S Sandgate, Queensland, Australia Queensland Australia 27°19'01.30"S 153°04'18.23"E
  Sydney, New South Wales, Australia New South Wales Australia 33°52'07.85"S 151°12'33.44"E
V Voskop, Rrethi i Korçës, Albania Rrethi i Korçës Albania 40°36'38.97"N 20°41'28.95"E