Musaka, Zenel Abidin

Birth Name Musaka, Zenel Abidin
Gender male


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Musaka, Bame
Mother Musaka, Fatime
         Musaka, Zenel Abidin
    Brother     Musaka, Myslim
    Brother     Musaka, Sheraf
    Brother     Musaka, Lefter
    Sister     Musaka, Atixhe
    Sister     Musaka, Zenep
    Sister     Musaka, Ramie


    Family of Musaka, Zenel Abidin and Musaka, Haxhire
Married Wife Musaka, Haxhire


  1. Musaka, Bame
    1. Musaka, Fatime
      1. Musaka, Zenel Abidin
        1. Musaka, Haxhire
      2. Musaka, Myslim
      3. Musaka, Sheraf
      4. Musaka, Lefter
      5. Musaka, Atixhe
      6. Musaka, Zenep
      7. Musaka, Ramie