Musaka, Xhafer

Birth Name Musaka, Xhafer
Gender male


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Musaka, Haxhi Halim
Mother Musaka, Refian
         Musaka, Xhafer
    Brother     Musaka, Muhamet
    Sister     Bache, Barize
Father Musaka, Haxhi Halim
Stepmother Musaka
    Half-brother     Musaka, Bame
    Half-brother     Musaka, Ali


    Family of Musaka, Xhafer and Musaka, Zenep
Married Wife Musaka, Zenep
  1. Musaka, Hamza
  2. Murtelari, Shyqyrie
  3. Caco, Fatime
  4. Jaffers, Abdyl Halim

Family Map

Family Map


  1. Musaka, Haxhi Halim
    1. Musaka, Refian
      1. Musaka, Xhafer
        1. Musaka, Zenep
          1. Jaffers, Abdyl Halim
          2. Caco, Fatime
          3. Murtelari, Shyqyrie
          4. Musaka, Hamza
      2. Musaka, Muhamet
      3. Bache, Barize