This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Bache. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Partner Parents
Amanda   Bache, Clodi Bache, Majlinda
Areta Bache, Romi  
Arta Bache, Xhafer  
Ava Bache, Xhafer  
Barize Bache, Xhafer Musaka, Haxhi Halim Musaka, Refian
Bjar Bache, Flutur Bache, Rushan Bache, Temberje
Clodi Bache, Majlinda Bache, Xhafer Bache, Arta
Dresti   Bache, Clodi Bache, Majlinda
Elvi   Bache, Romi Bache, Areta
Flutur Bache, Bjar  
Ledi   Bache, Rushan Bache, Marieta
Majlinda Bache, Clodi  
Marieta Bache, Rushan  
Monda   Bache, Rushan Bache, Marieta
Rea   Bache, Romi Bache, Areta
Romi Bache, Areta Bache, Bjar Bache, Flutur
Rushan Bache, Marieta Bache, Bjar Bache, Flutur
Rushan Bache, Temberje Bache, Xhafer Bache, Ava
Temberje Bache, Rushan  
Xhafer Bache, Arta Bache, Rushan Bache, Temberje
Xhafer Bache, Barize , Bache, Ava